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For organizations that lost their passion or effectiveness, Co-Learning has brilliant people and techniques that help you grow engaged and motivated teams who will be able to handle any change that today’s quickly shifting economy needs.

Together, we build so called learning tracks where we tailor our A-B-C model to your specific needs so all transmitted knowledge is instantly valuable for all attendees. Applying our A-B-C model through several iterations has proven very successful in many different domains.

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– The world needs change! –

Often, the power hierarchy in organisations and the way people are treated does more harm than good. Luckily, a new way of collaborating and structuring teams and organisations is emerging. It is based on self-management, intrinsic motivation and maximising value for all stakeholders: employees, customers, partners and the Earth.

– iLean supports this change! –

Adopting this new way of thinking is not easy. Therefore, we teach and coach individuals, teams and organisations to effectively collaborate and decide, grow more powerful structures and deliver better products than ever. Our expertise in Agile, Lean, non-violent communication, S3, Holacracy and others helps people grow, teams thrive and organisations excel. Let’s get in touch and explore how we can change the world together!