Important dates

Important dates

April 1st : Call for Sessions open

From this date you can submit a session until the call for sessions closes. You are invited to review other session proposals! Co-presenters must be specified when writing your session proposal.

June 1st : Call for Sessions closed

We close the call for session at midnight. Development of sessions continues, for those who submitted, until August 1st though. So you can still give feedback on sessions and improve your own. No additional session co-presenters allowed.

July 1st : Session voting starts

The session voting starts. Reviewers can vote for their favorite sessions. Votes will play an important role in developing the program.

September 11th : Program meeting

The XP Days program committee creates the program based on your preferences and contacts presenters about acceptance and rejection.

September 15th : Program online and Regular registration open

The program is online, at least in concept. This is the moment the early registration closes as well if these tickets haven’t sold out before this date.

November 1st : Late registration open

The late registration opens. If there are still tickets left that is……

November 17th : Late registration closed

We’ll close the registration. We need to give the final number of participants to the venue.

November 28th: Pre-conference dinner!

Let’s meet, eat and drink!!!

November 29th – 30th: XP Days Benelux 2018

Party starts!!!